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Managing Identity

Having trouble managing multiple user accounts, passwords, and tracking the lifecycle and entitlements of users coming in and out of your organization?

Secure Applications

Does your organization's application rely heavily on interaction with external partners that put you constantly in fear of and access creep, unauthorized access, external attacks?

Secure Digital Assets

Information such as digital identities, customer information and intellectual properties stored in clear texts, Excel files sound all too familiar? Secure your most prized information before attackers get their hands on it.

About Us

Nebulas Tree was originally founded with a novel purpose of pursuing passion in Information Technology without corporate bureaucracies, while able to center our focus in servicing clients and imparting them with the best value to grow their business.

Our larger vision is to create a corporate environment where IT is fun to learn and use, where creativity and innovation is not inhibited and every Nebulean look forward to go to work and meet their clients.

What We Do

Today, the company’s DNA is centered around the founder’s DNA in IT Security & Risk Management, Business IT, and expert execution of IT Solutions Integration. Because we love challenges, we love to help our clients develop solution and middleware to fix their complex IT and Security systems.

Our Goals

As Technopreneurs, we constantly strive to identify and develop new and innovative market solutions and products, by leveraging on our Technology expertise to address market gaps. In the course of assisting our clients, we developed Software and Security solutions to complement their business specifics.

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